BX5 Hammer Action Piano | Weighted keyboard Digital Piano

Item No.: BX5
-  Heavy hammer action piano, 1:1 simulation of real piano keyboard
-  Exquisite imitation wood texture
-  Double hi-fi stereo speakers, lossless sound quality, 3D surround sound
-  Wireless bluetooth transmission, more convenient
Product Name                 Digital Piano With Hammer Action
Keyboard                        88 standard keys
Tone                                36 tones
Polyphonic number       128 
Metronome                     Electronic metronome
Material                          ABS,Aluminum
Beat control                   30-240 beats/min
Audio output                  25W*25W
Color                               Black
Bluetooth                        Support
MIDI                                 Support
Suitable age                   All ages
Weight                            14kg
Product Size                   L129*W24*H10cm
Carton Size                    142*32*19cm
Power Supply                 15V3A Power Adapter
Main Function                 Connect to mobile/tablet Bluetooth audio, Connect to mobile/ tablet
                                          Bluetooth,USB/MIDI interface, headphone interface, audio input, output interface.


BX5 Hammer Action Piano | Weighted Electronic Piano


BX5 hammer action is a good choice for those consumers who want weighted keyboard, touch feeling like real piano. Provide you the best playing experience.

-88 fully weighted keys (hammer action)

-Realistic multi-sampled piano sound (36 different piano tones)

-With double HIFI stereo speakers, quality 3D surround sound.

- Polyphony: 128 notes

- USB MIDI & Bluetooth MIDI connectivity

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Double HIFI Speakers


We used double hifi-speakers to make your music release 3D stereo effect.
Meanwhile, bluetooth funtion can connect your music App to play BGM, get one more loudspeaker !